Hedglaying Project

With the help of funding from the Big Lottery Fund The Albrighton Trust have been able to undertake a series of Woodland Craft Workshops



The first of them started this week with Karl Leibscher instructing on the ancient art of Hedglaying. The art is starting to enjoy something of a renaissance, the craft, largely neglected in recent decades, has been identified by conservationists as crucial for protecting wildlife. Hedges not only provide food and shelter, but link different habitats.



The purpose of the craft has changed over the years, originally hedgelaying was just a means of making a stock-proof barrier for keeping livestock in; it largely died out with the arrival of wire. Now the value of a well-laid hedge to wildlife is more recognised.







The purpose of hedgelaying is to restore a hedge that has become sparse at the base, or has grown without being trimmed. Hedgelaying thickens a hedge thereby providing habitat for nesting birds and wildlife.







Students taking part in the training course can complete an OCN Level II in Hedgelaying.



In Spring 2011 we received notification that four students successfully gained their OCN Level II.






The hedge in November 2010.








The hedge in Spring 2011


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