25th Year Anniversary Celebration



Historic day at the Albrighton trust moat and gardens celebrating 25 years, offering recreation and education for people with disabilities.

The day began with a fishing competition. Well done Chloe Morris catching the most fish with 81 and well-done John Price catching the heaviest fish of 1lb 12oz.
The day followed with the fishing competition presentation, presented by Anneka Rice then followed by afternoon tea and a thank you for the RAF Cosford Military Wives Choir for performing.

We would like to thank Anneka Rice for returning to the Albrighton Moat and Gardens. A big thank you to Paul Murray and all the trustees, Terry Moseley, Bill Jukes, everyone who attended, all the volunteers and a massive thank you to Sandie Jackson and Lol Jackson for their hard work over the years.

Thank you to everyone for making it a perfect day.


Photographs provided by Rebecca Brown DSOP at RAF Cosford




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