About Us

The Trust exists to provide inclusive social, learning and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities; this includes those with significant sensory, physical impairments or learning difficulties and those with complex and challenging behavioural needs.

Our endeavour is to provide opportunities for users to enjoy a wide variety of activities in a safe and secure environment. By sensitive listening coupled with responsive actions and flexible learning systems we aim to enhance the quality of life, through raised self esteem and improved sense of well being, of those who use our facilities.

“It is our collective and individual responsibility to protect and nurture the global family, to support its weaker members and to preserve and tend to the Environment in which we live”
Dalai Lama

Aims and Objectives

The Trust was established after extensive consultation to provide facilities and opportunities for people with special needs, disabilities and disadvantaged to enjoy a wide variety of activities in a customised safe environment.

By sensitive listening and flexible adaptive learning systems we aim to enhance the quality of life, social health, self esteem and general well being of those who use our facilities which include, education & leisure programmes & recreation.

Accessibility and availability are key guiding principles of the Trust and to this end the architecturally designed and award-winning resource and training centre with fully accessible facilities built to the highest standards, the complete 4 ½ acre site is wheelchair accessible.

To preserve the scheduled Ancient Monument (circa 13th century), protect and enhance the environment at the Albrighton Moat and Gardens and create a haven for wildlife and native plants.  The horticultural policy is organic with a strong emphasis on composting and recycling of organic material and aims to become “carbon neutral".






Feedback confirms that the charity and its projects are run effectively with satisfactory monitoring in terms of outcome, the charity continually meets and in many cases exceeds agreed targets set with our funding bodies.

offers facilities which improve the quality of life, enhance the overall health and the psychological well-being of our users and increase their self esteem.  We continually strive to develop the range of opportunities we are able to offer working with our various steering groups. The Resource Training Centre and Gardens are built around a scheduled ancient monument surrounded by a moat which we undertake to preserve under the guidance of English Heritage.

The Trustees, Staff and all the Volunteers under the chairmanship of Paul Murray at The Albrighton Moat and Gardens are aware of the need to protect the environment and to achieve this have taken steps to make Albrighton Trust an environmentally sustainable business